Shown above is a proof of the item(s) you asked us to produce

Upon your approval, we will print / produce the item(s) shown in the proof above. If ANY corrections or revisions need to be made, DO NOT approve the design shown above.

Instead, give us a call and have us make the necessary changes. When those changes have been made, we will post a new proof for you to approve. Then, and only then, should you approve your design.


1. Make certain you are satisfied with the layout and design of the proof shown above.

2. Check the proof carefully to make certain there are no typographical errors. If there are, let us know and we will correct them.

3. If you asked to have the union bug / union label printed on your item, make certain you see it in the proof shown above. If the union bug doesn't show in your proof, it will not be printed on your finished product. If it doesn't show in the proof, call and let us know the union bug / union label wasn't included in your proof and we will post a new proof for you to approve.

4. How your computer monitor is calibrated can dramatically affect the way you see color on-screen and because of this, it is likely the colors you see in your on-screen proof will be different shades than on your finished product. Colors viewed on screen are typically brighter than they are when printed.

While viewing a proof online allows you to see the item and check for typographical errors, there is no way for us to know for sure if the colors you are seeing on your screen is what we are seeing on ours.

If your item(s) needs to be a specific color / specific shade of color, let us know before approving your design.

If you have PMS colors for your item, please let us know what they are. Providing us with the PMS colors for your item(s) is a much better way to let us know what you want than merely saying "grass green" or "sky blue". While we will do our best to provide the colors you need, without PMS colors for us to reference, we cannot guarantee the colors you receive will match the colors you see on your monitor. By approving your design, you acknowledge you understand and accept this may be the case.

If your item(s) requires specific colors or shade of colors, click here for more information.

The items we produce will be printed on a high-quality Konica Minolta and/or HP digital color laser printer which prints four-color process (CMYK). We are not able to provide EXACT Pantone color matching, but if you provide a PMS color, we will do our best to match it, or if it is not possible to achieve that specific color using CMYK, to let you know. Some very bright colors (bright greens, bright oranges, neons and metallics) cannot be printed using the CMYK process.

5. If you are trying to match colors with another item you have already produced, please let us know.

6. We include up to one half hour of design time in our price. For most orders that will be enough time to complete the initial design and perhaps one minor revision. Complex jobs or jobs that need multiple revisions may require more time than the 1/2 hour that is included. If additional time is needed to complete your artwork, additional time is priced at $30 per half hour. Before any revisions are made, it is our policy to first obtain credit card payment information.

7. As a standard business practice, the buttons we produce will carry our tag line which includes our company name, phone number and web address. The tag line is placed is placed in an inconspicuous area (the back curl of the button). If the custom item(s) you are having produced are for resale, or if for any reason you would prefer not to have our tag line on your custom printed item, let our customer service representative know when approving your design(s) and we will remove it.

8. We will typically start printing your item as soon as you approve the design. If you call back 10 or 15 minutes later and ask for a revision, your item may have already been printed. We can still revise the item at that point, if you wish. However, there will be a charge for any items that have already printed. Additional art charges may also apply.

9. Most orders are produced and ready to ship 24 hours AFTER you approve your design. If you are on a tight schedule and need your item in-hand by a specific date / time, please let us know when you approve your design. Ask our customer service representative to confirm when your order will be ready to ship and when it would be scheduled to arrive. We highly recommend that you select a shipping method that would have your order arrive a day or two before needed, just in case your order is delayed in transit. While we guarantee that we will ship your order on the date we promise, we cannot guarantee the time or date when the shipper you selected will deliver it.

10. Orders are shipped Freight On Board (F.O.B.) Phoenix, AZ and once we ship your order, using the method you select, any claim that your package didn't arrive "on-time" would be between you and the shipping company you chose.

We typically ship orders using UPS, as they have proven to be very reliable. However, if you wish, we ship your order via the Postal Service or Fed Ex (if you have a Fed Ex account). Insurance is highly recommended just in case your order should happen to be to lost or damaged in transit.

For more information about our shipping policies and procedures, click here. You will find important information here regarding your options and our responsibilities. So if you are going to have us ship your order, please take the time to read it.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders that have been proofed and approved by the customer, or customer's representative,
will only be re-printed / re-done at the customer's expense.

So please check your prototype / proof carefully before approving your design.

To approve or to have us make changes to your prototype please call us at

(800) 243-8293

or (623) 869-8233